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Image by Dan Cristian Pădureț

Stellar magnetism characterizes about ~10% of massive stars.

Magnetic fields can trap the stellar outflow and serve as natural particle accelerators.

What is the origin of stellar magnetism among massive stars?

What is the impact of these fields on their evolution?

Can we use the magnetic fields to learn about massive stars?

I use spectropolarimetry and spectroscopy to obtain answers on these questions.

Notable relevant publications:

  • Shenar et al. 2022, under review: "A strongly magnetic super-Chandrasekahr mass helium star"

  • Shenar et al. 2017, A&A, 606, 91: A combined HST and XMM-Newton campaign for the magnetic O9.7 V star HD 54879. Constraining the weak-wind problem of massive stars


Artist's impression of HD 45166, the most magnetic pre-collapse star ever uncovered


Shenar et al. 2022, under review


(Credit: F. Bodensteiner)

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