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The Binarity at LOw Metallicity (BLOeM) campaign

A European Southern Observatory (ESO) Large Programme:

Monitoring of ~1000 massive stars in the low-metallicity conditions of the Small Magellanic Cloud

P: Shenar; dPI: Bodensteiner

BLOeM  in a nutshell:

  • Sample? 929 massive stars in the SMC

  • Instrument? FLAMES/Very Large Telescope

  • Total time? 116 hours

  • Baseline? 2 years

  • Number of visits? 25

  • Resolving power? ~7000

  • Spectral range? 395-456 nm


The BLOeM sample, marked on a Gaia color-magnitude diagram of the Small Magellanic Cloud.

The sample targets massive stars (M > 8Msun) of all types, excluding red supergiants.

Objectives, at low metallicity:

Initial binary fraction

Mass ratio distribution

Period, eccentricity distributions

Initial mass function

Hunt for black holes

Identify post-interaction binaries

Benchmark abundance pattern

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